You Are Here You Are Here
40 years in the making, here are 12 of Jim’s favorite songs. For too long now these songs have been locked away in Rapunzel’s tower. Now that they’ve escaped, get ready for a debut album of heartfelt, lyric driven folk songs. The track entitled “Maybe” features Scarlet Rivera, whose violin graced the song “Hurricane” on Dylan’s “Desire” album; Scarlet toured with the Rolling Thunder Revue.

Listen to “Ever After”

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Pulse of the Planet Pulse of the Planet
Pulse of the Planet: Extraordinary Sounds from the Natural World A collection of truly amazing sounds that will take you on a journey – beginning with the rhythms of women drumming their hands on a river in Zaire, and ending with the hissing, 15 billion-year “echo” of the Big Bang that created the universe.

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Journeys in Sound Journey in Sound (Vol. 1)
Selected Radio Programs by Jim Metzner A collection of Jim Metzner’s award-winning feature length programs produced for public radio – available for the first time on CD.

Listen to “William Segal – The Soundless Sound”

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Bahia: Traditional Music and Moments of Brazil. Cowboys, gypsies, samba, the mystery of candomble, the magic of capoeira; this album of amazing field recordings takes you on an audio journey to the streets of Bahia, the heart of Brazil. These sound-rich audio journeys portray “world music” where it lives – in the streets, alleyways, beaches and backyards of our world. Interspersed with the music is a richly textured cornucopia of natural sounds. Bahia is a living representation of traditional Brazilian folk music. In 2001, one of Jim’s recordings from Brazil was included in the audio portion of World Treasures of the Library of Congress: Beginnings.

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 Diamonds in the Rough Diamonds in the Rough
Diamonds in the Rough: Live music recorded in cafes, parks and porches around the world.

Listen to:
El Fiel Enamorado

Flower of Remembrance

La Paloma

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