Wedding Song

Having previously written a song which asked “Does it matter that we’re not wearing rings, when our life is full of so many of these things?”, I was obliged to write another song to set the record straight.
If you consider all the options, when you feel bereft
There’s plenty of things a man can do with the time that he’s got left.
He could sail into the sunset, walk under the stars above
He could make a million dollars, and never learn about love
This was hard to accept and I wailed and I wept
It was going to stay a secret that I kept – from view
Then a miracle occurred and something in me stirred
When you came into my life, you got me soaring like a bird, it’s true
From the fields of Connemara, to the cafes of Paris, France
to the balconies of New Orleans, it’s all felt like a romance
But of all the places I could be in the Here and Now
I never thought I’d ever see me take a wedding vow.
But with patience and grace and the smile on your face
It was true the only place I could be – was by your side
So I’d have to confess, that I felt I was blessed
The moment you said “yes”, when I asked you to be my bride!
They say that every breath is sacred and life’s a mystery
And deep inside we remember everything we see
The way we met each other was no coincidence
But the moment when everything started to make sense.
I want to be your guy and before I die
I want to find out why – I’m living on this Planet Blue
I want to make you laugh; I want to take a bath
I want to do the math and walk the path –
I want to be on your team; I want to be in your dream,
I want to paddle upstream; I want to skim the cream
I want to stack the deck; I want to risk my neck
Break all the rules and say “what the heck’ –
I want to rock your house; I want to be your spouse
I want to take those bows; I want to make those vows with you!
Lyrics by Jim Metzner, All Rights Reserved, copyright 2011