A hard song to sing, but a real one.
When you’ve finally realize you’ve bitten more than you can chew
And nobody’s ever going to name a sandwich after you
And the movie based upon your life which up to now was true
Is just a lie
When … Read the rest

Wedding Song

Having previously written a song which asked “Does it matter that we’re not wearing rings, when our life is full of so many of these things?”, I was obliged to write another song to set the record straight.
If you consider all the options, when you feel bereft
There’s … Read the rest

Dark Side of the Baby Boom

I was asked why I would write an autobiographical song in the second person. The answer is, I’d love to hear someone sing this to me! And I’d also love for this song to find its audience, my generation for sure, but not only those who grew up near New … Read the rest


Written for Long Beach High School class of ’66 on its 45th reunion, but anyone who’s been to a reunion can relate.

Did you want to come here? Did you think that it was cool
to confront the ghosts inside our old school?
Did you want to immerse yourself back … Read the rest