Written for Long Beach High School class of ’66 on its 45th reunion, but anyone who’s been to a reunion can relate.

Did you want to come here? Did you think that it was cool
to confront the ghosts inside our old school?
Did you want to immerse yourself back in the past?
The good old days, with no questions asked?

The first flush of love, the sting of rejection
The state of your hair and your complexion.
The grades you deserved, the ones you received
The teachers you hated and the ones you believed.

We were the nerds; we were the geeks
We were the hippies; we were the freaks
We were the odd-ducks; we were the clowns
We were the jocks, kings and queens without crowns.
It’s a reunion, time to converge
We’ve been hiding for decades; time to emerge!

The things that once mattered seem so far removed
It’s been long forgotten what they meant or they proved.
And in the meantime we’ve all taken some hits
Seen our dreams realized or fallen to bits.

We’re fathers and mothers; we’ve got husbands and wives
Now you can glimpse what we’ve done with our lives.
They say with time comes wisdom; is that really true?
Will this be a re-union; will we meet the real you?

Dust off those memories down from their shelves
We’ve become our parents; we’ve become ourselves
I’m just like you; you’re just like me
I know where you came from and who you came to be.

Lyrics by Jim Metzner, All Rights Reserved, copyright 2011