A hard song to sing, but a real one.
When you’ve finally realize you’ve bitten more than you can chew
And nobody’s ever going to name a sandwich after you
And the movie based upon your life which up to now was true
Is just a lie
When you look into the mirror and you see a stranger’s face
And you know that it has come to this, but just what is this place?
And you’re afraid that when you leave, you may not leave a trace
And so you try
Maybe you’ll lose your friends
Maybe you’ll make amends
Maybe everything just blends before your eyes
Maybe you’ll stay aloof
Maybe you’ll ask for proof
Maybe you’ll climb up on the roof and gaze up at the skies
If you held a vision in your heart and seen it turn to smoke
When you felt like you were flying until you just awoke
And you told someone about it and they just made a joke
At your expense
When you cast your net a hundred times and you don’t catch a thing
And a song is playing in your head that you can never sing
And you’ve wondered even if the idea of one last fling
Makes any sense
Maybe you’ll fall from grace
Maybe you’ll lose some face
Maybe you’ll find a place where you belong
Maybe you’ll be unkind
Maybe you’ll change your mind
Maybe you’ll find a way to sing your song.
Lyrics by Jim Metzner, All Rights Reserved, copyright 2011